A Virtual Com Port Driver for USB to COM converter


USB2COM  is a virtual com port driver (Windows2000/XP) for Cypess USB-HID->COM device (not test), and compatible devices. USB-HID->COM Converter is also a USB HID Class compatible device,We can access the device use Windows Built-in USB HID Class Driver.



Method one:

  1. Pluging in the device.
  2. Open up the device manager.
  3. Find the Human Interface Device key related to USB to Serial and right click on it.
  4. Select Update Driver.
  5. Select "Install from list from specific location". and click Next.
  6. De-select "Search removable media". Then select "Include this location in Search"
  7. Click Browse. Find the directory containing the driver and click OK.
  8. Select "Don.t search, I will choose the driver to install". Then click Next.
  9. Select "USB-HID -> COM device" and click Next.
  10. Windows will prompt you for the usb2rs232.sys driver. Click Browse and locate usb2rs232.sys.

Method two:

Using Install program. not complete yet-;)

Access Device

How does the driver work?


Using the USB-HID->COM Converter on Linux